a “dumb” mobile with integrated TWS headphones for MP3 lovers


One of the multiple uses that can be given to a smartphone is to listen to music with it. Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music might just give us data on how many hours of mobile playback we accumulate each week. So, at Nokia, they decided to take a mutea cell phone for life, and turn it into a portable music player. With mobile functions, of course.

The new phone/player is called Nokia 5710 XpressAudio, a nomenclature strongly reminiscent of the Nokia XpressMusic that the brand launched in 2007, three decades ago. The new Nokia 5710 XpressAudio officially arrives in Spain and its price, of 79.90 euros, is quite attractive.

The phone of MP3 romantics

Nokia 5710 Xpressaudio Black Red 3

In the era of streaming, when a thousand and one services are fighting to have the widest catalog and the most flexible and attractive subscription models in order to track down the greatest number of users, Nokia has decided to turn towards old school users. To users who still store large music libraries in MP3 format proceeds from your digital purchases. Because yes, children, before buying MP3s and downloading them to listen to them.

We return to the Nokia 3210: a phone with more than 20 years that continues to function as a basic mobile

The new Nokia 5710 XpressAudio was born for this purpose, to become the mobile music player for those who only need to call and send messages (and vice versa). A simple and apparently resistant mobile which seems ideal for adventurous weekends, for going to festivals if you don’t feel the need to share everything on Instagram, or just to disconnect from social networks. Just you and your music.

To like

As far as features go, it’s no paragon of power either. We are talking about a simple mobile with a 2.4-inch screen, with the Symbian S30+ operating system in the foreground, with a 1450 mAh battery that promises up to 31 days of battery life (without turning on the music) and with the possibility of sewing an external microSD with 32 GB of additional space to store our MP3s. And be careful, because it has headphones built into the body.

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio has two SIM card drawers with 4G, so we’re talking about a dual model, and we can also connect physical headphones and listen to FM radio. Here, there is music for all tastes (except for those dependent on streaming). Undoubtedly a curiosity of the new Nokia telephone, on the hunt for romantic MP3 players. We’ll see how many are left.


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