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Android finds patches people Security Survey Technology Years

Survey finds people want at least five years of Android security patches

[ad_1] Security patches are arguably the most important software updates on your smartphone, fixing vulnerabilities and helping to protect your phone from cybercriminals and other malicious actors. However, different manufacturers may have different approaches...
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Android apps downloaded imposes Play Restrictions Store Technology -2 Minutes

Android 13 imposes restrictions on apps downloaded outside the Play Store

[ad_1] The upcoming Android architecture incorporates a new security feature that automatically restricts access to cell settings. Google has introduced at its discretion a new security feature in Android 13. “Restricted setting” is name,...
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Android Antivirus iPhone Microsoft microsoft defender Microsofts Network protection Technology -2 Minutes

Microsoft’s antivirus gets network protection on iPhone and Android

[ad_1] Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint security software continues to evolve, and the software giant recently announced another big update for mobile devices. Specifically, Microsoft Defender has mobile network protection on iPhone and Android, although...
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