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app caliber CrossPlatform Ebook fulltext removal Search support Technology Windows

The Caliber 6.0 cross-platform e-book app is available with full-text search support. Removal of Windows 8 support

[ad_1] Caliber 6.0 is the latest version of the popular cross-platform Caliber e-book management software. The new version introduces several new and improved features, including full-text search capabilities and support for new processor architectures....
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app apps Elon Elon Musk fake accounts Musks purchase robots Technology threat Twitter

Twitter: Elon Musk’s app purchase is under threat again – Apps – Technology

[ad_1] Although at one point it was announced that the mogul was definitely going to buy the social network, the reality is that the transaction presented several delays. From now on, a new inconvenience...
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app apps Arriani Arroyo blackout challenge challenge died ICT Tac Minor parents sue Technology TikTok

TikTok: Parents of minor who died after taking up challenge sue app – Apps – Technology

[ad_1] TikTok is perhaps one of the apps with the greatest reach among young people today. However, it can sometimes become dangerous when minors – who according to the app’s regulations should not use...
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app Cup Debut FIFA Hisense models prepare Qatar reaches Technology Vidaa World -2 Minutes

FIFA+ app makes its TV debut. Reaches Hisense models with Vidaa to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar

[ad_1] The normal thing in a year like this 2022 now would be to enjoy a sporting competition like the World Cup, but in life this year we won’t be able to see it...
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