accuracy Artificial capable intelligence launches links measuring Meta Referral Scanning sphere System Technology -3 Minutes

Meta launches a new “Sphere” artificial intelligence system capable of scanning and measuring the accuracy of referral links

[ad_1] This will no doubt provoke the many critics of Facebook who remain determined to check the facts. Today Meta announced the release of a new AI model which is able to automatically scan...
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3 Minutes
a among others Artificial Create for Google Googles Images incredible intelligence of Pass pictures System Technology the the texts

Google’s artificial intelligence can create incredible images

[ad_1] AI system that translates text into images. AI system that translates text into images. The photos are increasingly sharp and ingenious. Find the validation of El Cazamentiras at the end of the news....
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2 Minutes
Artificial bring Devices in intelligence It is Mobile mobile phones Offers phones Technology the this what

Artificial intelligence in our mobile phones: what does it bring us? – Devices – Technology

[ad_1] The evolution of technology in mobile devices continues to grow and, on many occasions, tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)land they offer support for the features we use every day. Considering the fact...
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Artificial feels intelligence LaMDA News Sees System Technology the what Works -6 Minutes

LaMDA: an artificial intelligence system that “sees and feels” – News Technology – Technology

[ad_1] A thinking and feeling machine. This is how Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer, referred to LaMDA, Google’s artificial intelligence system. It went viral. We read it everywhere. But how is this “machine”? With...
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