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Accelerate B2B commerce dexterity Digitization Integration Partners Technology thirdparty

Third-Party Technology Partners Accelerate Integration, Digitization, and Dexterity in B2B Commerce

[ad_1] Image: Drazen/Adobe Stock The past few years have highlighted the gap between early adopters and laggards of automation and digitization. Buyers and suppliers who invest in integration capabilities between e-commerce platforms and e-procurement...
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bring commerce Funding market masses Nautical tech TechCrunch Technology walks

Nautical Commerce walks away with new funding to bring market tech to the masses – TechCrunch

[ad_1] E-commerce marketplaces are big business. It was estimated that some $3.2 trillion was spent globally in major markets in 2021, with those like Taobao, Tmall and Amazon accounting for more than 60% of...
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commerce Create ecommerce exceeding industry marketing Mexico Million Social Technology

Social Commerce Industry in Mexico to Create 42% Exceeding $1,700 Million in 2022 – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

[ad_1] The influence of social commerce in Mexico has been such that Experts estimate it will increase by 42% in the summer of 2022, exceeding $1,700 million. In retrospect, its adoption has affected its...
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