Alexa Amazon Build cities Climate Change Complete country dead facility Finland geological heat pump nuclear relative renovation spent storage Technology Underground urban housing Voice waste -3 Minutes

Finland has become the first country to build a complete underground geological storage facility for its spent nuclear waste

[ad_1] The scars and marks of aging apartments and housing under the New York City Housing Authority’s trusteeship do not immediately communicate the idea of ​​innovation. The largest landlord in the city, home to...
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apps Build coding Complete Deals Educational Ghacks hours Kids lesson parents Technology -1 Minute

Ghacks Deals: Complete Coding for Parents and Kids: Build Educational Apps in One Lesson (23 Hours)

[ad_1] The Complete Coding Course for Parents and Kids: Build Educational Apps in One Course is designed to bring parents and their kids together on a first coding journey. The course teaches how to...
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9575A communicate Complete Indestructible Iridium safety Technology telephone USA Zelenski

Iridium 9575A, the “indestructible” telephone used by Zelenski to communicate with the USA in complete safety

[ad_1] Secure communications are essential in any war scenario. An oversight could be taken advantage of by one of the parties to intercept the messages and thus gain an advantage in the confrontation, so...
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