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Consumer Decades Downfall Japan leader story Technology World

Japan has been the world leader in consumer technology for decades. This is the story of his downfall

[ad_1] There is no empire that lasts a thousand years and the technological field is no exception. The best example can be left by Japan. Decades ago, the country of the rising sun was...
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Consumer costs cut Devices including Meta Portal Projects Scraps Smart Technology Watch -3 Minutes

Meta scraps several projects, including Smart Watch and Consumer Portal devices, to cut costs

[ad_1] Amid rising costs and a tightening economy, Meta announced significant changes to its product roadmap, with several of its hardware projects being put on hold or delayed for the time being. According to...
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Amazons Clark Consumer Dave division leaving Longtime TechCrunch Technology

Dave Clark, longtime head of Amazon’s consumer division, is leaving – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Amazon today announced that Dave Clark, CEO of the company’s global consumer division, will step down after 23 years in the role. In a memo to management, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said Clark’s...
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