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Electric cars in Colombia: here’s how the industry is doing in the country

[ad_1] The development of the Latin American automotive industry has in electric mobility various challenges, opportunities and trends. The idea is that in Colombia, the sustainable urban mobility sector and the possibilities of integrating...
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British country Cryptos freeing Importance reaffirms regulations revolution stop Technology -2 Minutes

A British MP reaffirms the importance of regulations freeing him from cryptos saying that “no country can stop this revolution”.

[ad_1] In an interview with UKTNDeputy Curator Matt Hancock doubled down on his efforts for cryptocurrency holders. He called for a regulation free him”Noting that no country can stop the crypto revolution. Hancock said...
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Alexa Amazon Build cities Climate Change Complete country dead facility Finland geological heat pump nuclear relative renovation spent storage Technology Underground urban housing Voice waste -3 Minutes

Finland has become the first country to build a complete underground geological storage facility for its spent nuclear waste

[ad_1] The scars and marks of aging apartments and housing under the New York City Housing Authority’s trusteeship do not immediately communicate the idea of ​​innovation. The largest landlord in the city, home to...
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