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acquisition Childrens enters Europe Finance GoHenry Pixpay startup TechCrunch Technology

Children’s finance startup GoHenry enters Europe with acquisition of Pixpay – TechCrunch

[ad_1] GoHenrythe UK-based financial education app and prepaid debit card provider for kids, expanded into Europe for the first time with the acquisition of the French startup pixpay. The terms of the contract are...
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Bros Cinemax closes discovery Europe HBO Max Originals TechCrunch Technology warner

Warner Bros. Discovery on new HBO Max Originals in Europe and closes Cinemax Go – TechCrunch

[ad_1] HBO Max will cease all new original programming in parts of Europe and the company will also shut down Cinemax’s TV Everywhere platform, Cinemax Go, as its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery is...
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Breach countries data denounce Europe European Google protection Technology -2 Minutes

Google: European countries denounce a breach of data protection

[ad_1] The consumer protection associations of France, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Norway have filed a complaint with their respective data protection authorities denouncing Google User Privacy Practices. The action coordinated by the...
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China competitive Court Ensures EPA Europe ruling Supreme TechCrunch Technology Wont

EPA Supreme Court ruling ensures US won’t be competitive with China or Europe – TechCrunch

[ad_1] The American Supreme The court ruled on Thursday to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon pollution emitted from power plants, a move that dims prospects for swift action on climate change...
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concentrate countries Europe Part shippers Spain Technology

Two countries concentrate nearly half of the shippers of all of Europe. Spain should be part of it

[ad_1] The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers, ACEA for its acronym in English, has published a new analysis on the state of the charging infrastructure in Europe. There is a truly alarming fact: only...
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Capital causing Europe faster Funding panic Shrinking TechCrunch Technology venture

Venture capital funding in Europe is shrinking faster than in the US – but causing far less panic – TechCrunch

[ad_1] When venture capital financing began to decline globally in the first quarter, Europe looked like an outlier. The region posted strong first quarter numbers and was one of the few markets to see...
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