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civil euros fake fraudulent guard informing personalized publishes SMS Subscription Technology

The Civil Guard publishes a fraudulent SMS informing of a fake subscription of 50 euros, personalized with your name

[ad_1] The SMS scams Unfortunately, they are starting to become popular, with many announcements made by the authorities for be able to counter them. This time it was the The police station which reported...
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Alexa Black Deceased emits fake function mirror of people PREDICTION preparing Technology the Voice voices will be able -3 Minutes

Alexa is preparing a function that emits the voices of deceased people

[ad_1] For sure, the chapters of the series Black Mirror (Netflix) usually alarm their viewers and each delivery allows a new reflection on the link between humans and technology. Under the pretext of being...
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a are cell cellphone charger Devices fake of Phone Sale selling Technology to identify what Yes you

How do I know if they are selling me a fake cell phone charger – Devices – Technology

[ad_1] You should always use the correct charger for your mobile phone. If it is not the one delivered by the company with the mobile device, it must at least be an original of...
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accounts company Elon fake investigate Justice launched Lawyers Musk Technology Twitter -4 Minutes

Elon Musk has launched his lawyers against Twitter for the fake accounts, and the justice will also investigate the company

[ad_1] The twitter sale It became a real spectacle. After announcing a merger agreement in style, everything was on hold after claiming on Twitter that their fake or spam accounts accounted for around 5%...
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apps call Calls cell fake Heres mobile phones phones saves Technology Tutorials

Cell phones: here’s how to fake a fake call that saves you – Technology Tutorials – Technology

[ad_1] Various apps allow iOS or Android devices to have the alert. Various apps allow iOS or Android devices to have the alert. There are ways to receive fake calls and thus be able...
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