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Mercado Libre warns of a scam haunting WhatsApp – Devices – Technology

[ad_1] Mercado Libre alerts its users and says they are impersonating networks like WhatsApp, where they trick victims into believing that the company is raffling off more than 10,000 products that have been returned....
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Piston boot technology will prevent sprains – News Technology – Technology

[ad_1] Mountain shoe technology prevents injuries. Mountain shoe technology prevents injuries. A sudden turn occurs, the system reacts three times faster than a human being. Find the validation of El Cazamentiras at the end...
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Google’s artificial intelligence can create incredible images

[ad_1] AI system that translates text into images. AI system that translates text into images. The photos are increasingly sharp and ingenious. Find the validation of El Cazamentiras at the end of the news....
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Google: tool to be able to manipulate the mobile phone remotely – Devices – Technology

[ad_1] ‘Google Find My Device’ It is a tool provided by Google for users to track their devices in case of loss. The platform is available through its website but can also be downloaded...
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Uber will return to ridesharing in select cities – Apps – Technology

[ad_1] The company has announced that the carpooling alternative is back. Now this option has been dubbed as UberX Share and is available in US cities.including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix,...
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