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cars Colombia Colombian cars country electric electric car electric mobility Heres industry Technology

Electric cars in Colombia: here’s how the industry is doing in the country

[ad_1] The development of the Latin American automotive industry has in electric mobility various challenges, opportunities and trends. The idea is that in Colombia, the sustainable urban mobility sector and the possibilities of integrating...
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Boston metal carbon dioxide emission clean dirty electricity Green green steel greenhouse gas Hydrogen industry Steel Technology with -2 Minutes

How green steel made with electricity could clean up a dirty industry

[ad_1] Industrial steelmaking emits around two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions for every tonne of steel produced, or nearly 10% of these emissions worldwide. The global steel market is expected to grow by around...
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Analysts Deadly industry Months pressure Release Sale TechCrunch Technology Zendesk

After several deadly months, industry analysts see Zendesk sale as a release of pressure – TechCrunch

[ad_1] When Zen office announcement it had been acquired by a consortium of private equity firms on Friday for $10.2 billionIt seemed like a sudden and shocking end to a company that had once...
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commerce Create ecommerce exceeding industry marketing Mexico Million Social Technology

Social Commerce Industry in Mexico to Create 42% Exceeding $1,700 Million in 2022 – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

[ad_1] The influence of social commerce in Mexico has been such that Experts estimate it will increase by 42% in the summer of 2022, exceeding $1,700 million. In retrospect, its adoption has affected its...
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Bill Bipartisan crypto industry Relief sigh TechCrunch Technology -2 Minutes

US bipartisan crypto bill could be a ‘sigh of relief’ for the industry – TechCrunch

[ad_1] All around the world, regulators are trying to tackle the trillion-dollar elephant in the room: the digital asset market. Because crypto is a nascent industry that currently exists largely outside of legal frameworks,...
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