30s guarantee jobs presents province SEPE site Technology training youth -2 Minutes

This new SEPE site presents jobs and training for the under 30s in your province with a Youth Guarantee

[ad_1] The youth unemployment This is one of the big problems that Spain is currently facing. The fact that need experience to enter the job market, means that many trained people do not meet...
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Capital funds Guo jobs joins launch leaving Sarah TechCrunch Technology venture wave Women -2 Minutes

Sarah Guo joins wave of women leaving venture capital jobs to launch their own funds – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Sarah Guo is the latest woman to quit her job at a venture capital firm with the intention of starting her own. On Tuesday, Guo announced the Twitter other LinkedIn that she’s stepping...
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bluecollar connects Employers founder helping jobs landed reduce TechCrunch Technology turnover workers

Landed founder connects blue-collar workers to better jobs while helping employers reduce turnover – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Welcome back to found where we tell you the stories behind the startups. This week we are talking about landed Founder and CEO Vivian Wang, whose mission is to connect blue-collar workers with...
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