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billion Cathay Fund innovation launches multistage Seed TechCrunch Technology

Cathay Innovation launches third $1 billion multi-stage seed fund – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Global venture capital firm Cathay-Innovation announced its third fund, targeting €1 billion ($1.05 billion) across a wide range of companies and technologies around the world. With Fund III, Cathay Innovation is launching what...
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accuracy Artificial capable intelligence launches links measuring Meta Referral Scanning sphere System Technology -3 Minutes

Meta launches a new “Sphere” artificial intelligence system capable of scanning and measuring the accuracy of referral links

[ad_1] This will no doubt provoke the many critics of Facebook who remain determined to check the facts. Today Meta announced the release of a new AI model which is able to automatically scan...
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Apple apple security computers Devices hack iPhone launches Lock mode Lockdown Manage Manzana mode Pay Technology the Pirates

Apple launches ‘lockdown mode’ on its computers and will pay if they manage to hack it – Devices – Technology

[ad_1] Apple is looking to take a step forward with the arrival of its iOS 16 operating system. Among the known functions is the “lock mode”, with which he hopes to put an end...
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data helping launches Lawsuit Meta misuse precedent scraping Set Technology -4 Minutes

Meta launches new lawsuit against data scraping, helping to set precedent for misuse

[ad_1] Meta has launched two new lawsuits against data-scraping sites, which scraped Instagram and Facebook user data for unauthorized use, while also winning another victory in its battle against data misuse. platform, with a...
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Business Funding Google international launches programs small support Technology week -2 Minutes

Google launches new funding and support programs for International Small Business Week

[ad_1] This week is International Small Business Week (June 27 – July 1) and to mark the occasion, Google has announced a range of small business support tools and offers to help small businesses...
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alreadylicensed alternative Amazon Code CodeWhisperer copilot GitHub launches Push Technology warning Wont -3 Minutes

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer, its own alternative to GitHub Copilot… that won’t push already-licensed code without warning

[ad_1] If only two days ago we boarded the release of GitHub Copilota tool that uses artificial intelligence to help developers program by making suggestions to automatically complete the code we write, now it’s...
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