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These simple changes can make AI research much more energy efficient

[ad_1] Since the first paper study of the impact of this technology on the environment was published three years ago, a movement has grown among researchers to self-report the energy consumed and the emissions...
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calf climate geoengineering Government period tracking Red research solar stock Technology united states supreme court working -3 Minutes

The US government is working on solar geoengineering research

[ad_1] Why is it so controversial? : Geoengineering has long been a taboo subject among scientists, and some argue it should remain so. There are questions about its potential side effects on the environment...
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aerial assembles NASA phenomena research Study Team TechCrunch Technology UFO unidentified -3 Minutes

NASA assembles UFO research team to study ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ – TechCrunch

[ad_1] NASA has announced the formation of a dedicated study team for UFOs – or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), as they have been renamed to remove some of their tinfoil stigma. But don’t expect...
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