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cream great Green Hope pills Problem Rid sunscreen Technology

Sunscreen pills are our great hope for getting rid of the cream. The problem: they are very green

[ad_1] Each year, 25,000 tonnes of sunscreen reach the oceans and, frankly, it’s a problem of colossal magnitude. Because, on the one hand, as doctors and researchers repeatedly insist, we need to use more...
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Breakdowns Fine millionaire Orange prioritizing repair Rid Technology Telefónica Vodafone

Telefónica gets rid of a millionaire fine for prioritizing the repair of its breakdowns over those of Orange and Vodafone

[ad_1] These last months, Telefónica was sanctioned for different reasons. At the end of 2021, the CNMC imposed a fine of 160,000 euros for abusing 902 numbers, and in February, the same agency fined...
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