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data Deals Favor fintech followon hit Investors sector shows Takes TechCrunch Technology

Fintech investors appear to favor follow-on deals as sector takes a hit, recent data shows – TechCrunch

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advice annual Boards Meta Report shows Supervisory TechCrunch Technology -3 Minutes

Supervisory Board’s annual report shows how often Meta follows its advice – TechCrunch

[ad_1] The advisory group reviewing Facebook and Instagram’s content moderation decisions has released its first annual report Wednesday, crowning its first year of operation. The Oversight Board apparently received more than a million calls...
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Autopilot crashes data gaps leads NHTSA Pack Report shows TechCrunch Technology Tesla -4 Minutes

NHTSA report shows Tesla Autopilot leads the pack in crashes, but data has gaps – TechCrunch

[ad_1] At first glance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s first-year data The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems safety follow-up project sounds terrible for Tesla. Its electric vehicles have been involved in 70% of reported...
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