Android apps downloaded imposes Play Restrictions Store Technology -2 Minutes

Android 13 imposes restrictions on apps downloaded outside the Play Store

[ad_1] The upcoming Android architecture incorporates a new security feature that automatically restricts access to cell settings. Google has introduced at its discretion a new security feature in Android 13. “Restricted setting” is name,...
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Developers Google Lawsuit Million Pay Play revenue settle Store TechCrunch Technology -3 Minutes

Google to pay developers $90 million to settle Play Store revenue lawsuit – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Google said On Thursday, he will pay $90 million to settle a lawsuit with US developers who have accused Google of abusing its power to distribute apps and charging an unfair 30% fee...
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company Glass Microsoft music Norwegian recording Store Technology Years

Norwegian company to store music for 1,000 years using Microsoft glass recording technology

[ad_1] The Global Music Vault will use Microsoft’s Project Silica technology to store the music on the quartz glass plates, to preserve the pendants for millennia for future generations. The plates will be placed...
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Apple companys forming History maryland recognized Store TechCrunch Technology Union -2 Minutes

Apple store in Maryland makes history by forming company’s first recognized union – TechCrunch

[ad_1] As several Apple stores across the country fought to unionize, workers in Towson, Maryland became the first to obtain official recognition. Out of 110 eligible employees, the union received 65 votes in favor...
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