6 Minutes
Bay Floating gigantic lot Middle nestled parking story structure Technology Tokyos

The story of Tokyo’s floating parking lot, a gigantic structure nestled in the middle of the bay

[ad_1] When it comes to joining the two shores of a bay, there are those who opt for bridges, those who prefer tunnels and those who, as is the case with promoters of Aqua...
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8 Minutes
Consumer Decades Downfall Japan leader story Technology World

Japan has been the world leader in consumer technology for decades. This is the story of his downfall

[ad_1] There is no empire that lasts a thousand years and the technological field is no exception. The best example can be left by Japan. Decades ago, the country of the rising sun was...
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2 Minutes
Alexa bad Deceased grandmothers read story talk Technology Vibes Voice

Alexa will be able to talk to you or read you a story with your grandmother’s voice even if she is deceased. It’s bad vibes

[ad_1] Amazon held its re:Mars conference yesterday, and Alexa development manager Rohit Prasad announcement a new function for this voice assistant: be able to imitate any type of voice with your voice synthesizer. During...
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