Blaming Children deaths families grieving suing Technology TikTok -6 Minutes

Grieving families are suing TikTok, blaming it for the deaths of their children

[ad_1] The TikTok algorithm that pops up one ridiculous and entertaining video after another keeps users glued to their screens and hooked on Facebook’s hugely popular rival. However, this same algorithm can also pose...
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brands examines Gaming Infographic insight marketing Mobile Technology TikTok -1 Minute

New insight examines how mobile gaming brands can use TikTok for marketing [Infographic]

[ad_1] TikTok has had a transformative impact on social media, with many of the app’s key features becoming so popular that they’ve forced all other apps to add similar options, in order to keep...
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app apps Arriani Arroyo blackout challenge challenge died ICT Tac Minor parents sue Technology TikTok

TikTok: Parents of minor who died after taking up challenge sue app – Apps – Technology

[ad_1] TikTok is perhaps one of the apps with the greatest reach among young people today. However, it can sometimes become dangerous when minors – who according to the app’s regulations should not use...
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Compared creators earnings highlights Significant Study Technology TikTok Top Variation YouTube

New study highlights significant variation in earnings of top creators on YouTube compared to TikTok

[ad_1] Hey, wanna see the biggest existential threat to TikTok represented in a single graphic? As you can see from this graph, put together by MoneyTransfers.com, while TikTok is the trending app of the...
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banned Cinema dressed due entering Gizmodo in Spanish Minions suits Technology teenagers TikTok trend -3 Minutes

Teenagers dressed in suits are banned from entering the cinema due to the trend of Minions on Tiktok

[ad_1] Image: ICT Tac Minions: Origin of Gru swept through theaters and became the most watched premiere of the Independence Day bridge in the United States after breaking the box office record that had...
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access boost China data issues project Security TechCrunch Technology Texas TikTok users

TikTok says ‘Project Texas’ will boost security for US users following data access issues in China – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Over the weekend, TikTok writes to Republican senators to assure them that he is working on a program called “Project Texas” to strengthen data security for US-based users. It was in response to...
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