its first public beta is here, here are six good reasons to install it


During WWDC, as usual, Apple announced the first beta developers of all its operating systems. The Cupertino giant has also promised that the first public releases will arrive in July, as is the case this year.

The macOS Ventura beta is widely available, signing up for your Mac after the site We switched to the new OS last June, and after these few uses, here are the six functions – and there are many others – which have made our daily life easier, which have retained our attention, and which could well be so many reasons to adopt macOS.

Obviously, before you throw yourself headlong into this beta, we can only advise you to make a backup of your sensitive data, whether in the Cloud, via Time Machine or a key, at your convenience. Then, it is important that you bear in mind that a beta is software under development. You could therefore encounter annoying bugs, see certain applications crash regularly or even not run – which is fortunately rarer. It is therefore recommended that you do not install it on a production machine that you really want to be operational.

If you’re still up for it, here are the new ones we think the comb is worth jumping over.

Spotlight, visits more

A former lover of Quicksilver on Mac OS X, I rode it on the power of Spotlight can only prosper us. At the end of a simple shortcut (Cmd Espace, in case it escaped you, but we doubt it), there are more and more functions. You can ask him to perform quick calculations, convert units, look up Brad Pitt’s Wikipedia page, etc. Spotlight also allows you of course to launch applications.

In macOS Ventura, Spotlight is entitled to a new, more detailed and clearer interface. In order to find the last documents created or the last photos taken, the macOS service also allows you to preview the documents of the selection after their interface. You save valuable time searching for files, frankly speaking, it’s a real success.

Spotlight, in macOS Ventura, benefits from a new clearer and more detailed interface. – Spotlight, in macOS Ventura, benefits from a new, clearer and more detailed interface.

Stage manager, to organize everything that is not full screen

Frankly speaking, we should not use it on macOS. As much as Stage Manager upsets and streamlines uses on iPadOS, which really needs it, it seemed to us that our work processes, our organization of application windows, etc. didn’t need a little extra on macOS.

Let’s face it right away, we were wrong.

Unlike the iPad, it is easy to make Spaces coexist with open space applications and a general workspace for the Stage Manager. If you find it’s approach and way of using it, we like to juxtapose full-screen apps when we need to focus on just one or two tasks, while Stage Manager allows us to dynamically organize “small » windows, such as those from the Finder, from Messages or from Pixelmator.

The fact of being able to click outside the displayed window to access the desktop is particularly practical for accessing a file that would be placed there. We just wish dragging and dropping onto a window kept in the side dock was a little faster.

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Edit a message I sent in Messages

Sometimes, on Messages, in the middle of a verbal jousting on social determinism in Bourdieu’s work, your words succeed in your Thought, or you simply made a typo, and it’s infuriating. Unfortunately, it is possible to correct a message after it has left, and me after it has been received and read.

This function is available on macOS Ventura, iPadOS and iOS 16 to change well you will save the bet a few times. Obviously, a post that has been corrected will be marked as edited, so that you have nothing to say and are contrary. Anyway, from our experience, it seems that it fails that your contact also has a device running iOS 16 or macOS Ventura because the message is changed on their end too… We hope that you contact will quickly move on to the Apple’s latest OS.

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FaceTime Handoff, from iPhone to Mac, in one click

If you’re a heavy FaceTime user, rejoice that you won’t have the hassle of continuing to juggle your phone in front of your Mac once you get to work or home. It’s hardly possible to easily “swap” an app from your iPhone to your Mac.

When you use your computer, a button appears in the Finder swipes, then you can with a single click tilt your conversation from the iPhone versus the Mac. the Mac and cannot compete with the front cameras of recent iPhones.

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Groups of shared tabs, because there are always a thousand and one sites to share

You prepare a weekend, a chat or an accumulation of articles to read or read that you will then discover with relatives, the groups of shared tabs could well change your life.

Group the different sites into a group, then just decide who you want to partner with. You will then see in real time who is on which site. Useful for discussing a stage during your next road trip or an article on a subject that particularly interests you.

A priori anecdotal, this function simplifies exchanges and avoids sending numerous emails or personal messages.

In macOS Ventura, Safari allows you to share groups of tabs with your loved ones. – In macOS Ventura, Safari allows you to share groups of tabs with your loved ones.

System Settings, we are lost, but we find ourselves there

On a daily basis, you can spend a lot of time in the System Settings, whether to validate the installation of a program, control notifications, etc. macOS Ventura is cleaning up. Finish the big icons, it’s time for a sidebar that looks straight from iOS.

macOS Ventura introduces a new interface for system settings – macOS Ventura introduces a new interface for system settings

Frankly speaking, we are a little lost at first, but between the search engine which makes it easy to find a setting and the interface which is rather clear and well organized, we end up finding our little ones.


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